Video library Water Introduction - VII. 3. Knee Head Dive

Water Introduction - VII. 3. Knee Head Dive

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About the class

The Knee Head dive: Keep your hands pointed toward the water, with your chin tucked to your chest and a flat back. Ensure your hands break the water surface first, followed by the rest of your body.

DISCLAIMER: These videos are created by experts. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PRACTICE ANY OF THE SHOWN EXERCISES in a deep pool without a lifeguard present or supervision. Lack of control in the water while attempting these exercises can result in injuries, trauma, or even drowning.

About the trainer/teacher

Aqua Hero founder Ronen has participated in the national and international competitions as a professional swimmer and waterpolo player. For the last 10 years he was teaching swimming to children and adults. After many years of experience, he started to develop the “Aqua Hero” method for teaching adults in a more dynamic, fun and trust based way of learning. Apart his swimming journey he is a watersports enthusiast and practicing other watersports on the side as a hobby.